Sunday, August 19, 2012

Filem - Sam

aku dah tengok filem ni and... ... well... ... Not.Bad. for first movie, Shafiq :)
aku tau pasal Yusoff is from his Youtube Channel. n nothing more.
n biler aku dengar kat radio yang dier buat filem, "THIS. i gotta see".
Shafiq Yusoff ada style sendiri dalam bikin filem sendiri.

dari mula filem, aku dah expecting something sebab these psychological-thriller films selalunye end up kat person yang least suspected. aaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddddddddd  i was right~! BD

jalan cte nye tak terlalu terbelit sangat, its kidda straight-to-the-point kind of film.... well,.. maybe TOO straight-to-the-point... why? Sebab dari yang aku tengok, aku suspek 4 orang yang terlibat... but those other two... satu kurang terlibat n satu lagi tak terlibat langsung, i mean, just look how he looked at Lisa's posterior in the elevator!... DDDAAAAMMMNNNN GUURRLLL!! n maybe boleh buatkan yang sorang lagi tu tak datang kerja ke or anything yang bolehkan audien put all those four guys in the suspect zone. which make it more suspense n MORE INTERESTING YAHHHHH!!!
and ble aku tau antara sorang tu yang buat n yang satu lagi tu as a tool, i said myself;
"... wha-that? O__O" but anyway,...

it got romance (yang pretty sederhana which i didnt even expecting that), humors (yang tak ter-over-over which also i didnt even expecting that), suspense n... they all... seems to be balance through out the entire 1hr30min duration (mostly for the first 30min). and all that is a built up to this one climax of a movie.

the acting is okay, i guess.
n... aku baru perasan (or aku tak)... these whole 'permainan' is based on what motif again? atas cinta or just straight up psycho?

overall, this film, well, not really i can say the best but its interesting enough to make you stay at your sit n try to figure out whats going on, which is a good thing i must say. its not a high art film but what i can really say, aside from the title, aside from number of suspects, aside from, idk, maybe plots etc etc, --->; 
"RM11, worth it."

try it. just Go N' Watch. its watchable.

sekian, ini adalah Ayat Dari Sini
n SelamatHariRayaAidilfitri

SAM, SAM, SAM... serius, aku asyik teringin sangat nak terbalikkan "M" ke "W" jadi "SAW". 
"lets play a game" - Saw

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